used saws

Buying a Used Saw

For many, buying used is the only way to acquire certain items. When you buy something thaused sawst has been used, it is sometimes even better than if you were to buy it new. However, when you buy anything used it is important to look it over to be sure it is up to your standards. Everyday we get emails asking us for advice on what to look for when buying used saws. We recently came across an article from Real World Survivor that gives you a list of “8 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Used Saw”:

  1. Does the saw look like its in good condition?
  2. Does it work? Start it when it’s cold and then when it’s hot.
  3. Try it out! How does it cut?
  4. Check to see if the saw idles by rolling from side to side. If it stalls it may have an air leak, a bad seal or a bad gasket.
  5. Always make sure to look at the sprocket. If it seems to be badly worn, chances are that it wasn’t maintained well.
  6. Check out the air filter. If it’s clogged that is a sign that it wasn’t properly maintained.
  7. Is the chain brake installed and working properly?
  8. Check out the condition of the bar, chain and engine mounts.


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