A message from Chief Manager and President,
Chris Tarvestad

The Service Guys, LLC has been repairing industrial band saws and fabrication machinery all over the Upper Midwest and beyond for decades. We served mainly the Upper Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota. The Service Guys have traveled across the country and sometimes even performed international work upon request for hundreds, if not thousands of customers.

With a solid 20 years in business, the ownership of The Service Guys, LLC changed hands in late 2023. While we appreciate the support and loyalty of our customers, the future of The Service Guys as a local representative is currently under review from many perspectives.

In the meantime, we would invite you to contact our sister company, TS3, LLC at the contact points listed here. They will be happy to assist you with the sawing knowledge, products and support required to keep your operation flowing smoothly.

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Please fill out the following information to reach a support expert at TS3 who will be able to assist you with blades, consumables, parts or service of your industrial sawing machine.

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