elumatec AG Takes Home the ADAMAS Award 2017

“The “ADAMAS AWARD” is a special award given to businesses who lead the way with their exemplary business culture. The award recognizes the service provided by employees and management working together and the resultant success of the business as a whole. The decision on who wins the award is based on an assessment of a

elumatec aluminum saws

Ralf Haspel, CEO of elumatec AG, together with mbz Editor-in-Chief Karl Ruhnke-Lierenfeld with the ADAMAS AWARD 2017. Photo courtesy of elumatec.

business’s “soft skills”, such as the ability of employees and management to work in a team and their motivation.

The “ADAMAS AWARD” does not reward specific high achievement. Instead, it recognizes a business and all its employees as a community of service providers, which involves paying particular attention to the management team responsible for the business. In his speech, Editor-in-Chief Karl Ruhnke-Lierenfeld explained the reasons behind the decision to give the award to elumatec AG.

The rumors spread. A staff meeting had been called for the afternoon. You could have cut the atmosphere in the packed hall in Mühlacker-Lomersheim with a knife as over 400 employees waited for the latest news. On 26 July 2013 it became official: elumatec, the Swabian family business founded in 1928, had filed for insolvency that morning. No-one among the workforce knew what would happen next. The administrator did not attempt to hide the seriousness of the situation, but he also gave the elumatec employees reason to be optimistic.

elumatec aluminum saws

Editor-in-Chief Karl Ruhnke-Lierenfeld giving his speech. Photo courtesy of elumatec.

He had every confidence that a sustainable, long-term solution could be found for the employees at Mühlacker and for the elumatec group. His confidence was based on the fact that the core elumatec business was not one of the reasons for going into insolvency. The first step was to focus all activities on convincing customers and suppliers that elumatec remained a reliable partner who would continue to fulfill all orders to the letter and with the same high quality. The management team, workers’ union and employees were united in their efforts to justify the administrator’s confidence. And he was proven right: Two months later he and the elumatec management team announced at another staff meeting that the restructuring of the business was progressing well – so well that backlog of orders had actually increased after filing for insolvency and that elumatec was once again able to finance all its domestic and international business activities from its own pocket. Furthermore, all working relationships remained unchanged for the time being. The local press headline ran: “450 employees breathe a sigh of relief”. 

The administrators and the elumatec management team kept the workers’ union and employees informed of the latest developments at all times. The ensured the workers’ union had direct influence on how the business was to continue operating. The chairman of the workers’ union and the German Industrial Union of Metalworkers stated that they had been given a guarantee that they could “represent the best interests of the workers” when it came to personnel issues. 

More good news was soon to follow, as even before insolvency proceedings were officially opened on 1 October 2013 elumatec began the process of hiring staff for new roles and apprentices in various sectors of the business. As of October, elumatec was once again able to pay all wages and salaries out of its own pocket. It should not be forgotten at this point that the loss of around 50 jobs in the course of the insolvency eventually proved inevitable. Beginning on 1 January 2014, the employees affected received further training at a transfer company, for which a period of up to twelve months per person was planned in accordance with the maximum time limit allowed. I think this speaks volumes for the sense of responsibility that elumatec feels towards its employees!

Throughout the crisis, business management behaved in an exemplary manner as regards keeping employees informed. Regular staff meetings and information sessions

elumatec aluminum saws

Ralf Haspel accepting the ADAMAS AWARD. Photo courtesy of elumatec.

were held to keep staff up to speed on all the important developments affecting their business as soon as they occurred. Task forces for individual issues were created, and the circa 300 elumatec employees abroad were kept in the loop via email newsletters and invitations to visit company headquarters. Once the insolvency was over, elumatec went to great efforts to professionalize its public image, revive the brand and introduce a new corporate design. The first official appearance, at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE trade show in Nuremberg in March, was a great success, and the new exhibition concept and design met with great acclaim among the paying public.elumatec’s new image also won over industry professionals, and praise poured in: “More dynamic, more modern, more clear, more positive and above all more confident – but still down-to-earth and not excessive”. What an accurate description that is – and that goes for the business as a whole too!

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Advantages of Using Band Saws

The Advantages of Using Band Saws

  1. Like other cutting tools, this tool is not restricted to cutting a specific type of material. There are several models of band saw available in the industry that can be used for cutting different materials such as timber, wood and many more.
  2. They are equipped with some amazing features such as rip fence, miter gauge and many more, which helps you to make straight cuts.
  3. band sawsHowever, it is not so easy with other cutting tools for making straight or cross cuts because you need to extremely careful and focused.
  4. The results obtained from them are far better than the results obtained from other tools such as chain saws. The major reason behind the massive difference between the band saws and other tools is the blades.
  5. Band saws use top quality blades with dual bearing blade guide rollers, blade tracking adjustment and many other advanced features which result in precise finish.
  6. One of the major advantages of using a band saw is the reduction in wastage. Band saws usually have a smaller kerf than other tools, which results in reducing wastage. Other tools have wider blades, whereas band saws feature narrow blades.
  7. Wider blades will eat much more material that narrows blades, which leads to a lot of wastage.

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band saw repair

Cutting Curves with a Band Saw

One of the most common issues with band saws are broken blades. They are usually caused when trying to cut curves. We think that it is important for every band saw user to know the proper way to cut complex curves. A while back we came across this amazing article, from industructables.com, that gives 6 tips on cutting out curves.

  1. Be sure that band saw is set up correctly.
    • Refer to the manual that came with your saw.
  2. Transferring cut lines onto the material:
    • Pencil / Graphite
      • Color the back of the print-out with a soft pencil.
      • band saw repairTape the print-out so that the back is on the material.
      • Trace the design with a ballpoint pen- the presure of the pen will transfer the graphite onto the material, making the design visible on the material.
    • Spray Adhesive
      • Spray a thin coat of the adhesive onto the back of the print-out.
      • Wait ten seconds and then press the back of the paper onto the material.
      • Use this as a guide. The paper should peel of easily after using the band saw.
    • Vinyl Sticker Print-Out
      • This is basically the same process as the sprat adhesive except with using a vinyl printer.
  3. Cut your big piece into more manageable pieces.
    • Doing this makes the material easier to handle wband saw repairhile trying to cut it out.
  4. Use relief cuts for tight curves.
    • Make a straight cut up to the line in the waste part of your material, and back it straight out. Do this everywhere that looks like it could make the blade bind.
  5. Cut on the outside of the line.
    • Doing this will ensure more accurately cut parts.
    • Sanding down to line is better than cutting right to the line and then sanding.
  6. Always move the cut forward as you turn the material.
    • Don’t twist the blade as this will likely end with a broken blade!
used saws

Buying a Used Saw

For many, buying used is the only way to acquire certain items. When you buy something thaused sawst has been used, it is sometimes even better than if you were to buy it new. However, when you buy anything used it is important to look it over to be sure it is up to your standards. Everyday we get emails asking us for advice on what to look for when buying used saws. We recently came across an article from Real World Survivor that gives you a list of “8 Things You Need to Consider Before Buying a Used Saw”:

  1. Does the saw look like its in good condition?
  2. Does it work? Start it when it’s cold and then when it’s hot.
  3. Try it out! How does it cut?
  4. Check to see if the saw idles by rolling from side to side. If it stalls it may have an air leak, a bad seal or a bad gasket.
  5. Always make sure to look at the sprocket. If it seems to be badly worn, chances are that it wasn’t maintained well.
  6. Check out the air filter. If it’s clogged that is a sign that it wasn’t properly maintained.
  7. Is the chain brake installed and working properly?
  8. Check out the condition of the bar, chain and engine mounts.


Did this give you inspiration to start looking for used saws and other equipment?Check out our  “Used Band Saws” page!