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3 Reasons to Choose the Service Guys if You’re Looking for Bandsaws for Sale in Iowa

At The Service Guys, our goal is to be the go-to place if you’re looking for bandsaws for sale in the upper Midwest, including Iowa.

If you’re an Iowa shop owner or metalworker you can count on us to provide excellent service and find the machine you need.

We know choosing to buy a bandsaw for sale is no easy decision. You have to consider several different factors of each machine such as efficiency, accuracy, and speed. Finding the perfect blend of necessary features will help ensure your shop and metalworking runs smoothly.

We could talk about all of the technical details for each machine to help you make a decision, but today we want to share some reasons why The Service Guys are your best choice if you’re looking for bandsaws for sale in Iowa.


We’ve been in the bandsaw business for more than a decade and have a combined fifty years of experience in the metalworking industry.

This amount of experience means we’ve come across nearly every machine and every scenario shop owners and metalworkers face.

Choosing the right bandsaw is an important decision. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure you make the right one.

Agenda Free Advice

We love talking about bandsaws. Metalworking is our passion. We are a business, but we seek to help people first.

That means helping you repair your machine instead of buying a new one if it’s the right choice. It means helping you find a refurbished machine instead of a brand new one if that’s the right fit for you.

We believe in putting our customers first. Work with us and you’ll know you’re getting a recommendation based on nothing but your own needs.


The relationships we’ve made with industry suppliers means we have a variety of bandsaws for sale to add to your Iowa shop.

We also have a large catalog of replacement parts due to the large network of suppliers we work with. With companies like Marvel and DoAll on our side, you can be confident knowing you’ll be able to find a high quality machine by working with us.

Hopefully we’ve given you enough reasons to choose The Service Guys when you’re looking for a bandsaw for sale in Iowa. If you’re looking for even more reasons, give us a call at (877) 337-6875 to learn more.

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The Service Guys Are Proud to Sell and Repair Machines from Marvel Bandsaws to Shop Owners in North Dakota

If you’re a metalworker, you’re more likely to trust an industry–leading company with a long history. The reason is simple; more experience means they’ve had time to continually create and improve high quality machinery.

There are several companies with a history of creating high quality machines, but today we wanted to highlight a company that’s been manufacturing high performance bandsaws for more than a century.

The bandsaw experts at The Service Guys distribute machinery all across the upper Midwest including North Dakota. We carry an extensive line of Marvel bandsaws we know North Dakota shop owners would be proud to own.

Today we’re going to share a few reasons why you should choose Marvel Manufacturing for your next machine purchase.


Marvel Manufacturing is an Award Winning Company

A little over a month ago, Marvel Manufacturing received an award from the Epicor Software Company, which is an industry leading business software solutions company.

Each year they award a handful of companies for maximizing the use of their software to provide top-notch customer service as well as streamline processes in their business to leave more time for innovation and product development.

The specific award Marvel Manufacturing received was the “Rapid Time to Value” award for “demonstrating a fast implementation and deployment” of the software to increase the performance of the company.

You should put your trust in a company that utilizes the most up–to–date technological solutions for running an efficient and high performing company


Marvel Manufacturing is a Leader in Product Innovation

The Marvel Series 8 line was a pioneer in metalworking machinery. The team at Marvel Manufacturing wanted to create machines that were able to make any conceivable cut, and the Marvel Series 8 line achieved that goal.

Their reputation for innovation began nearly a century ago. Marvel unveiled the first vertical tilt-frame bandsaw in 1917. Since then they’ve continued to stay ahead of the pack in terms of quality and product development.

The bandsaw experts at The Service Guys proudly sell a wide variety of Marvel bandsaws and Marvel bandsaw parts. If you’re interest in adding a new machine to your North Dakota shop, or if you’d like more information, please contact us at 1-877-337-6785.

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Machine Maintenance Tips for Wisconsin Metalworkers – Why Bandsaw Blades Fail

Do you wonder how long your bandsaw blades will last?

Do you wonder how well they’ll perform?

Of course, you do. If you’re a conscientious metal worker, these types of thoughts are at the top of your mind.

If you’re a Wisconsin shop owner, pay attention to these reasons why bandsaw blades fail.

If you’re looking for a replacement part for your machine or a new machine altogether, we’re the ones to call.

• Weld breakage – Weld breakage is usually due to an error in the manufacturing process. Either the bands aren’t bound together tight enough or there’s a high amount of tension on the bandsaw wheel.
• Blade tension – If you don’t set the tension of your blade properly, you can run the risk of body breakage or cracks on the gullets or the back edge.
• Speed and feed rate – These settings are also crucial to the performance of your bandsaw. Inaccurate speed and feed rate settings can fracture your blade or strip its teeth down.
• Failure to break in your machine – Just like a new pair of shoes or a baseball glove, it’s important you break in your bandsaw blade. Failing to do so can lead to problems down the road such as chipped, broken, or stripped teeth. It can also cause your machine to make innacurate cuts, which costs you both money for repairs and the time it takes to redo the work.
• Worn or missing chip brush – Chip brushes keep your cuts more efficient and accurate by cleaning the blade and preventing chips from being re-cut. Running your machine with a worn chip brush or without one at all can lead to chips getting caught and inaccurate cuts.
• If you suspect your bandsaw blade is failing and you’re looking to get it replaced, we can find the perfect part for you.

Although we’re located in Anoka, MN, we work with metal workers in Wisconsin and the entire Upper Midwest.

To talk with our bandsaw experts, just give us a call at 1-877-337-6785.

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Three Reasons to Choose the Service Guys for Bandsaws for Sale in MN

Are you an MN shop owner in the market for a new or used bandsaw?

We have a variety of bandsaws for sale and we’re confident that if you look through our inventory you’ll find a machine to suit your needs.

Are you wondering why you should pick The Service Guys when there are other options available?

Today we’re going to share some reasons why we’re the guys to come to if you’re looking for bandsaws for sale.


We care

Repairing and working with metalworking machinery is our passion. We’re the type of guys who love to “talk shop” with you all day, regardless of whether or not we’re able to sell you anything. We know for a fact that we can answer any question you might have because we’ve spent countless hours, weeks, months, and years learning how to match the right machine with the right owner.


We’ve built relationships

The list of industry leading manufacturers we work with is quite long. You’ll be hard pressed to find another company as well connected as ours. We have direct access to the finest saws in the market for you to choose from.


We won’t quit until we find the right machine for you

The only thing we care about is finding something that suits your needs. We offer agenda–free advice to help you with saw selection. You can choose between new or used saws. We’ll even help you try to locate a machine that’s not in our current inventory.

Maybe you don’t need to buy a new machine at all. Our top notch repair services can help bring your current bandsaw or circular saw back to form. We carry aftermarket parts as well as brand new equipment. We can diagnose your bandsaw to see if it simply needs repair or if you’d be better off buying a new saw.

Are you convinced we’re the place to look when you’re after bandsaws for sale in MN? Give us a call at 877-377–6875 to let us find the right bandsaw for you.

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Metal Cutting Machine Feature: The Series 8 Line of Marvel Band Saws from Marvel Manufacturing Company

The band saw experts at the Service Guys are proud to work with industry leading manufactures.

Our goal is to be able to provide or repair practically any type of machine that suits your metal cutting needs. Today we’re going to highlight one of our favorite manufacturers to work with, Marvel® Manufacturing Company, as well as highlight some of their finest band saw machines.

Although we’re located in Anoka, MN, our distribution channels allow us to serve many areas in the upper Midwest, including North Dakota. If you’re a North Dakota machinist or metalworker, consider trying one of the stellar machines from the Marvel Manufacturing Company.

Today’s machine feature will highlight the Marvel 8 series, a wildly popular and top tier quality line designed for optimal performance, battle tested durability, and unparalleled efficiency.

• Marvel Series 8-Mark-I® – This machine is built to cut a wide array of materials such as structural stock and rectangular, round, thin or thick walled tubular material. It’s proficient in both straight and miter cuts. You can also set the saw head at a forty-five degree angle left or right, without moving the stock itself.
• Marvel Series 8-Mark-II® – This machine is known for its Swiss-army-knife-like versatility. This big boy can handle straight, special, and miter cutting. It can even take on heavy structural materials and maintain its speed and accuracy. This semi-automatic vertical saw is also great for cutting pipe, steel, and solid stock.
• Marvel Series 8-Mark-III® – This machine features a sixty-degree left or right miter cutting capacity. It uses a pneumatic system, which is capable of up to 22 inches of cutting capacity. It even allows the operator to set the saw blade at a three-degree forward cantilever.

The Marvel 8 series boasts the combined benefits of speed, quality, and user friendliness. Built by one of the finest machine makers in the industry, these machines from the Marvel Manufacturing Company are great for most any type of production process. If you’re interested in purchasing, repairing, or learning more about Marvel band saws, contact the Service Guys today at 877-337-6875.

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Metal Cutting in MN – The Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaws

The Service Guys are the bandsaw experts you should look to for information about metal cutting machines if you’re in the state of Minnesota.

Bandsaw machines are capable of cutting a wide range of materials. Depending on what type of metal and shape you’re trying to cut, it’s best to use a specific type of bandsaw in order to get the job done. Today we are going to talk about the two main types of bandsaws that are used for cutting metal.

The two most commonly used models of bandsaw machines are horizontal and vertical machines. We’ll give you a general description of each type followed by the key differences between the two.

Horizontal Bandsaw

While using a horizontal bandsaw, the work piece is held stationary by a vice and the blades move across in a horizontal direction and then downward in order to cut through the metal. These machines are commonly used in larger manufacturing companies and industrial workshops. The advantages of a horizontal bandsaw are typically higher cutting rate and superior squareness. Horizontal bandsaws also typically offer longer blade life.

Vertical Bandsaw

While using a vertical bandsaw, the workpiece is held on the table with a vise, and the blade column pushes towards the operator until the piece is cut through. The vertical bandsaw in many cases has the ability to miter cut angles in the workpiece as well.

Key Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaws:

Horizontal bandsaws are used to cut larger pieces of metal, typically only cutting square, with an occasional miter. Vertical bandsaws are more suited to cut intricate pieces, structural parts, and fixture parts.

Horizontal machines are known for cutting hard solid metals, such as stainless, Inconel, hastelloy and monel. Vertical machines are more often used to cut structural steel, bundles of steel as well as profiles.

Vertical bandsaw machines are more flexible and have the capability to cut curves and more complicated shapes.

The Service Guys are proud to serve the manufacturing industry with bandsaw repair and maintenance – covering of the entire state of Minnesota including areas such as Anoka and Minneapolis. Contact us today for answers to any questions you have about bandsaw use, repair, and maintenance.