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Three Reasons to Choose the Service Guys for Bandsaws for Sale in MN

Are you an MN shop owner in the market for a new or used bandsaw?

We have a variety of bandsaws for sale and we’re confident that if you look through our inventory you’ll find a machine to suit your needs.

Are you wondering why you should pick The Service Guys when there are other options available?

Today we’re going to share some reasons why we’re the guys to come to if you’re looking for bandsaws for sale.


We care

Repairing and working with metalworking machinery is our passion. We’re the type of guys who love to “talk shop” with you all day, regardless of whether or not we’re able to sell you anything. We know for a fact that we can answer any question you might have because we’ve spent countless hours, weeks, months, and years learning how to match the right machine with the right owner.


We’ve built relationships

The list of industry leading manufacturers we work with is quite long. You’ll be hard pressed to find another company as well connected as ours. We have direct access to the finest saws in the market for you to choose from.


We won’t quit until we find the right machine for you

The only thing we care about is finding something that suits your needs. We offer agenda–free advice to help you with saw selection. You can choose between new or used saws. We’ll even help you try to locate a machine that’s not in our current inventory.

Maybe you don’t need to buy a new machine at all. Our top notch repair services can help bring your current bandsaw or circular saw back to form. We carry aftermarket parts as well as brand new equipment. We can diagnose your bandsaw to see if it simply needs repair or if you’d be better off buying a new saw.

Are you convinced we’re the place to look when you’re after bandsaws for sale in MN? Give us a call at 877-377–6875 to let us find the right bandsaw for you.