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Cutting Curves with a Band Saw

One of the most common issues with band saws are broken blades. They are usually caused when trying to cut curves. We think that it is important for every band saw user to know the proper way to cut complex curves. A while back we came across this amazing article, from, that gives 6 tips on cutting out curves.

  1. Be sure that band saw is set up correctly.
    • Refer to the manual that came with your saw.
  2. Transferring cut lines onto the material:
    • Pencil / Graphite
      • Color the back of the print-out with a soft pencil.
      • band saw repairTape the print-out so that the back is on the material.
      • Trace the design with a ballpoint pen- the presure of the pen will transfer the graphite onto the material, making the design visible on the material.
    • Spray Adhesive
      • Spray a thin coat of the adhesive onto the back of the print-out.
      • Wait ten seconds and then press the back of the paper onto the material.
      • Use this as a guide. The paper should peel of easily after using the band saw.
    • Vinyl Sticker Print-Out
      • This is basically the same process as the sprat adhesive except with using a vinyl printer.
  3. Cut your big piece into more manageable pieces.
    • Doing this makes the material easier to handle wband saw repairhile trying to cut it out.
  4. Use relief cuts for tight curves.
    • Make a straight cut up to the line in the waste part of your material, and back it straight out. Do this everywhere that looks like it could make the blade bind.
  5. Cut on the outside of the line.
    • Doing this will ensure more accurately cut parts.
    • Sanding down to line is better than cutting right to the line and then sanding.
  6. Always move the cut forward as you turn the material.
    • Don’t twist the blade as this will likely end with a broken blade!