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Metal Cutting in MN – The Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaws

The Service Guys are the bandsaw experts you should look to for information about metal cutting machines if you’re in the state of Minnesota.

Bandsaw machines are capable of cutting a wide range of materials. Depending on what type of metal and shape you’re trying to cut, it’s best to use a specific type of bandsaw in order to get the job done. Today we are going to talk about the two main types of bandsaws that are used for cutting metal.

The two most commonly used models of bandsaw machines are horizontal and vertical machines. We’ll give you a general description of each type followed by the key differences between the two.

Horizontal Bandsaw

While using a horizontal bandsaw, the work piece is held stationary by a vice and the blades move across in a horizontal direction and then downward in order to cut through the metal. These machines are commonly used in larger manufacturing companies and industrial workshops. The advantages of a horizontal bandsaw are typically higher cutting rate and superior squareness. Horizontal bandsaws also typically offer longer blade life.

Vertical Bandsaw

While using a vertical bandsaw, the workpiece is held on the table with a vise, and the blade column pushes towards the operator until the piece is cut through. The vertical bandsaw in many cases has the ability to miter cut angles in the workpiece as well.

Key Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaws:

Horizontal bandsaws are used to cut larger pieces of metal, typically only cutting square, with an occasional miter. Vertical bandsaws are more suited to cut intricate pieces, structural parts, and fixture parts.

Horizontal machines are known for cutting hard solid metals, such as stainless, Inconel, hastelloy and monel. Vertical machines are more often used to cut structural steel, bundles of steel as well as profiles.

Vertical bandsaw machines are more flexible and have the capability to cut curves and more complicated shapes.

The Service Guys are proud to serve the manufacturing industry with bandsaw repair and maintenance – covering of the entire state of Minnesota including areas such as Anoka and Minneapolis. Contact us today for answers to any questions you have about bandsaw use, repair, and maintenance.

industrial band saws

Goodbye Anoka, MN, Hello Chicago, IL! The Service Guys are Headed to the FABTECH 2015 Conference

The FABTECH 2015 conference, held in Chicago, IL, is a gathering place for a staggering amount of industry professionals, suppliers, and people who are interested in metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing. The annual conference will take place this year from November 9-12. This year they are expecting upwards of 40,000 attendees and 1500 companies with exhibits.

The goal of FABTECH is to connect people within the industry from various organizational levels, ranging from small job shops to fortune 500 companies. They host seminars on a myriad of subjects, including but not limited to “Cost Reduction Strategies for Job Shop,” “Tooling Solutions for Metal Fabricators,” “Press Technology,” “Business Strategy,” and “Product Development Strategy.”

FABTECH offers you the opportunity to meet with suppliers, learn about new developments and innovative products in the industry, and learn about ways to increase your business growth and maximize profits. The band saw experts at the Service Guys in Anoka, MN will be in attendance, and so will many of the manufacturers that we do business with.

The Service Guys is an authorized distributor from Marvel band saw manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of band saws, circular saws, and iron workers, who will host an exhibit at the conference.

We also work with Tiger Stop, a world leader in stop gauge and pusher systems, who will also be hosting an exhibit at the conference.

There are numerous companies that we either work with or provide services and machines to that will be hosting exhibits in the conference. These companies include Amada, DoALL, Unist, Baleigh industrial, and the list goes on and on. The point is that this is a must-attend event for anybody in the metal forming industry.

Come join the band saw repair and maintenance experts at the Service Guys from Anoka, MN when we travel to the conference. You will be able to learn more about not only the industry, but also about many of the industry leading companies that we work with and service machines for.

We will come back from the conference with even more expert knowledge than before. Remember, we’re the ones to call for band saw repair and maintenance in Anoka, MN.