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Metal Cutting in MN – The Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaws

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Bandsaw machines are capable of cutting a wide range of materials. Depending on what type of metal and shape you’re trying to cut, it’s best to use a specific type of bandsaw in order to get the job done. Today we are going to talk about the two main types of bandsaws that are used for cutting metal.

The two most commonly used models of bandsaw machines are horizontal and vertical machines. We’ll give you a general description of each type followed by the key differences between the two.

Horizontal Bandsaw

While using a horizontal bandsaw, the work piece is held stationary by a vice and the blades move across in a horizontal direction and then downward in order to cut through the metal. These machines are commonly used in larger manufacturing companies and industrial workshops. The advantages of a horizontal bandsaw are typically higher cutting rate and superior squareness. Horizontal bandsaws also typically offer longer blade life.

Vertical Bandsaw

While using a vertical bandsaw, the workpiece is held on the table with a vise, and the blade column pushes towards the operator until the piece is cut through. The vertical bandsaw in many cases has the ability to miter cut angles in the workpiece as well.

Key Differences Between Horizontal and Vertical Bandsaws:

Horizontal bandsaws are used to cut larger pieces of metal, typically only cutting square, with an occasional miter. Vertical bandsaws are more suited to cut intricate pieces, structural parts, and fixture parts.

Horizontal machines are known for cutting hard solid metals, such as stainless, Inconel, hastelloy and monel. Vertical machines are more often used to cut structural steel, bundles of steel as well as profiles.

Vertical bandsaw machines are more flexible and have the capability to cut curves and more complicated shapes.

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