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Metal Cutting Machine Feature: The Series 8 Line of Marvel Band Saws from Marvel Manufacturing Company

The band saw experts at the Service Guys are proud to work with industry leading manufactures.

Our goal is to be able to provide or repair practically any type of machine that suits your metal cutting needs. Today we’re going to highlight one of our favorite manufacturers to work with, Marvel® Manufacturing Company, as well as highlight some of their finest band saw machines.

Although we’re located in Anoka, MN, our distribution channels allow us to serve many areas in the upper Midwest, including North Dakota. If you’re a North Dakota machinist or metalworker, consider trying one of the stellar machines from the Marvel Manufacturing Company.

Today’s machine feature will highlight the Marvel 8 series, a wildly popular and top tier quality line designed for optimal performance, battle tested durability, and unparalleled efficiency.

• Marvel Series 8-Mark-I® – This machine is built to cut a wide array of materials such as structural stock and rectangular, round, thin or thick walled tubular material. It’s proficient in both straight and miter cuts. You can also set the saw head at a forty-five degree angle left or right, without moving the stock itself.
• Marvel Series 8-Mark-II® – This machine is known for its Swiss-army-knife-like versatility. This big boy can handle straight, special, and miter cutting. It can even take on heavy structural materials and maintain its speed and accuracy. This semi-automatic vertical saw is also great for cutting pipe, steel, and solid stock.
• Marvel Series 8-Mark-III® – This machine features a sixty-degree left or right miter cutting capacity. It uses a pneumatic system, which is capable of up to 22 inches of cutting capacity. It even allows the operator to set the saw blade at a three-degree forward cantilever.

The Marvel 8 series boasts the combined benefits of speed, quality, and user friendliness. Built by one of the finest machine makers in the industry, these machines from the Marvel Manufacturing Company are great for most any type of production process. If you’re interested in purchasing, repairing, or learning more about Marvel band saws, contact the Service Guys today at 877-337-6875.