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4 Reasons to Consider Bandsaw Refurbishment/Bandsaw Machines and Parts for Sale in North Dakota

The experts at the Service Guys are your go-to shop for bandsaw repair and maintenance needs.

Though we’re located in Anoka, MN, we’re proud to serve the upper Midwest area, including North Dakota! Today we’re going to talk about refurbishing, which is an in-house service. We’ll also talk about the services that we extend to the entire upper Midwest area, including North Dakota.


In-House Refurbishing

If you’re an avid machinist, you know that your bandsaw is subject to wear and tear from repetitive use. Perhaps your machine isn’t broken or in need of repair, but it could benefit from a “tune up” by our bandsaw experts.

We offer refurbishing services and we can work with you to make small improvements to your machine to make it run like new.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using our bandsaw refurbishing services:

• We offer a variety of parts – We offer both factory replacement and aftermarket parts. With multiple options, we have the resources to refurbish your machine to fit your specific needs.
•We can improve any part of your machine – Whether it’s your bandwheels, bearings, or blade guides that need improvement, we have the inventory to facilitate your machine refurbishment.
• We have experience with many manufacturers – We work with industry leading brands such as Marvel, Spartan, Amada, HydMech, HEM, Tigerstop, and DoAll among many others. We’re certain that we’ll be able to refurbish your machine, regardless of where it was manufactured.
• We have expertise – Our goal is to provide expert guidance to help your metal cutting needs. We can evaluate your machine in and we’ll tell you exactly what you need. In most cases, we can repair bandsaws on-site. We’ll also listen to your questions and concerns – if the repairs are major we can refurbish your bandsaw to your exact specifications.

Refurbished Machines

Perhaps you’re located in an upper Midwest location—like North Dakota—that isn’t a short drive away. While you can’t stop in for an in-house refurbishing, we do offer used machines at an affordable price. We have bandsaws for sale as well as mills, lathes, presses, and many other types of saws.

We take the time to personally inspect every machine we place for sale. You have our word that you’ll receive quality bandsaws and machine parts.

We have experience in fixing all types of machines, so if you’re looking to get rid of yours, perhaps we can work out a deal.

Contact the bandsaw experts at the Service Guys today to learn more about any of the services mentioned above!